Concrete & Paver Cleaning

We take that dirty old patio or driveway and make tem lok new again. A dirty driveway can make a nice house look bad. We can brighten your hard surfaces and make them shine again. We will use a mix of cleaning detergents and good old pressure washing o achieve outstanding results.

Driveway Cleaning & more!

More often than not, driveways and sidewalks are the first impression of a house’s looks and can reflect a poor image of that property if not properly maintained. Unfortunately, driveways can become full of caked on dirt and grime from the daily traffic that goes across it or from improper irrigation runoff. The moist and humid climate of Southwest Florida is the ideal setting for mold and algae to take over that once clean driveway.

Our concrete cleaning specialist uses effective cleaning methods to remove black mildew, efflorescence, oil stains, and calcium stains from your porch or concrete. We utilize our HOT WATER and our surface cleaners to evenly clean large concrete areas evenly and without the worry of etching or damaging the concrete. In addition, we are able to remove most stains and gum deposits from the concrete by utilizing heat and the appropriate bio-safe chemicals to remove and restore the original color of your concrete with Tampa House Washing’s cleaning services.

Residential Surface Cleaning Services include:

  • Drive Ways
  • Sidewalks
  • Pool Decking
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Awnings
  • and SO MUCH MORE!